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black peter and white peter - Lola's Sint

illustration from Lola’s Sint – about a young black girl and her experience with Zwarte Piet. Duik in de wereld van Lola en haar Pieten om het uit te vinden!

Ik woon in Nederlands sinds 1995 en ik moet toegeven dat ik nooit aandacht had geschonken aan de manier waarop het intercultureel contact wordt afgeschilderd in de Nederlandse kinderboeken wat betreft de viering van Sinterklaas totdat ik zelf moeder werd van mijn half Afrikaanse dochter. En toen ik het deed, schrok ik bij het lezen van verschillende kinderboeken waar het zwarte personage ( Zwarte Piet genoemd) een clownesque knecht was van een blanke man, die steeds als een dommerd werd behandeld.

I have been living since 1995 in the Netherlands and I must confess I never paid attention to the way the intercultural contact is represented in Dutch childrens’ literature concerning the Sinterklaas celebration, until I myself became a mother of my half African daughter. And when I did, I was horrified to read several childrens’ books where the black character (called Zwarte Piet) was a clownish servant of a white man, most of the time treated as a stupid person. Well, you don’t very often see black characters in Dutch childrens’ books and look what a nice model is offered once in a while! I searched and I searched other books that I could read to my daughter about this celebration. I wanted to find something that would not expose her to a damaging representation of this part of her identity. Unfortunately I did not find such a book. This is why I decided to write it.



Sesame Street racist affiliate partner

August 2013 picture from a Dutch broadcast partner of Sesame Street. This kicks off their yearly month of blackface and sambo racist imagery. It disappoints me because a) I have written to the Sesame Street Company and joan ganz cooney about it several times. They have never even bothered to answer. It also disappoints me because b) I had always thought of Sesame Street as being racially progressive, so it’s painful when they ignore these important issues.

Zwarte Piet is uit de tijd

Zwarte Piet is History. Read all about it!